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Making the Engagement ring of dreams - Sapphire & diamond oval cluster ring.

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

The making journey with tips and tricks.


A few months ago I was approached by one of you lovely lot, and tasked with hand making a #Diana (royal) style #Sapphire and #Diamond cluster ring. Contrary to the traditional version of the ring - which asks for a white gold band to complement the clarity of the diamonds - this chap requested 18ct Yellow gold to represent the (hopefully) future fiancé's sunny and shining personality. Lord am I glad he did. Along side the stunning corn flower blue oval Sapphire, the buttery yellow claws made a heart-stoppingly beautiful addition to the ring of their dreams.

This ring would prove to be wonderfully unique, timeless and with a little modern twist worthy of being their emblem of love for an eternity.

It all starts with an Email

'Ping' I received an enquiry. My absolute favourite notification sound. This gentleman would like an engagement ring making, how exciting. This would be the first cluster style ring I have ever made from scratch, it would be a fantastic challenge.

From the initial email I learnt of the basic requirements for this ring

1: They will be providing their own sapphire and diamonds, and

2: They would like the #clusterring setting in #18ctyellowgold

From there I was able to provide an initial quote which resulted in an acceptance and we got to arranging a meet up.

(Sometimes this is not necessary and we can also arrange online meetings or just converse through emails, it's completely up to the customer's preference - this gentleman was local)

Once ring size, stones, final design and date needed info was collected, I wrote and sent an invoice to the customer.

All that was left was to start making

Start your enquiry today!

'Just start'

Is what I tell myself as I stare at the pre-formed 18ct gold. You can go through each step over and over, worrying about what might go wrong, but once you have made that first step everything will flow. It's just that first little leap. If I can give you only one piece of advise, it would be DON'T RUSH.

I am a - run before you can walk - kinda girl so I understand how painful it is to nibble away at every step, but believe me is saves a LOT of time, frustration and errors in the end.

Making the setting

Part 1

Measure your stones and mark out where they will sit (in great detail) alongside where the claws will be. you want the seats to be the exact size of the diamond's crown.

This is where I was lucky because I currently have access to an engraver in my workshop. So this involved calculating the sizes, opening a document, digitally creating the seats