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Affordable jewellery that lasts 

Inspired by pampas reeds rustling  and moving with a gentle breeze: 
This necklace is a bust of crisp winter sun. 

This necklace is Handmade and textured by me. Made from 18ct Rolled gold. On a dainty trace chain.

It’s lovely layered with a simple plain chain or bright and beautiful worn on its own. 

There are three lengths available 
16” short choker style (or if you’re petit hangs below the neck) 
18” hangs just below the neck
20” medium low length. 

The pendent measures at 15mm circumstance. 

Each purchase comes with

🎄 Jewellery Care polishing cloth
🎄 Eco friendly packaging
🎄Display box 
🎄Optional Christmas  gift wrap

You’re shopping with me Hannah a one woman jeweller band and with every purchase you are supporting me and my self employed journey. So thank you so much.

Pampas grass textured 18ct gold necklace. Dainty. Rolled gold